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Our Advertising Strategy is Your Ticket to MORE Sales!

Here’s how we put Club eDeals to work for you.

List Your Deal

Thousands of people visit the Club eDeals website monthly to find exclusive deals they can’t find anywhere else. Listing a deal on our site get your business lots of exposure, not only on our site, but also our social media channels, and our affiliates.

Promote to Thousands of Local Consumers

Reach 500-1000 people per day who don’t even know you exist yet. We have partnered with Facebook, Instagram and thousands of other publishing websites like CNN, USA Today and BuzzFeed to distribute, sponsor and hyper-target 500-1,000 people daily to indoctrinate them about your brand, and make them aware of your offer.

Tell Your Story with Video

Video is the ultimate tool for marketing your business. In fact, a recent poll conducted by Forbes states that 64% of online shoppers say that video helped them decide on a product to buy.

Direct Deals to Your Inbox

Each week, we send personalized, handcrafted emails to each one of our e-fers. These emails feature the latest deals from our partners and are formatted for smartphones for higher open and click-through rates.

Featured Ads on High Traffic Pages

In addition to listing your deal on our deal pages, Get even more awareness and increase your visibility by featuring your business in large banner ads on high traffic pages like the Club eDeals home page and local buzz articles.

Local Buzz Articles

The best ads don’t look like ads. An Advertorial is an advertisement disguised as a Local Buzz article. By featuring your business in a Local Buzz article, you are leveraging the credibility and reputation of Local Buzz to generate hype around your business.

Local Buzz articles are then distributed and sponsored on the Club eDeals website, Facebook, Instagram and thousands of other affiliate websites like CNN, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed and many more.

See what our current partners are saying:

…It’s been really good for business. Walk-in traffic has increased. Phone calls have increased. We’ve had a really good experience with it. I recommend it to any small business just trying to get a step ahead and get some good advertising. They are doing a really good job at getting our services out to the public.

Christina Erichsen

Owner, Salon 534

I didn’t really know what to expect. After a few months, we have had a tremendous amount come in. I try to keep track of them and we get a minimum of one per day and weekends especially we get multiple per day. This is has been the best advertising we’ve done so far since we’ve been open.

Gary Spigle

Owner, Reno's Roadhouse

We’ve been using Club eDeals for several months and have seen a HUGE return. We have seen a surge of ticket sales and concession sales and are redeeming multiple deals every single day. I highly recommend other local businesses take advantage of promoting their business with Club eDeals. It is the MOST EFFECTIVE advertising we’ve ever done.

Angie Dibbs

General Manager, Showplace Cinemas

Promote Your Business with Thousands of Content Partners

Here are just a few:

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